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Two Songs Tomorrow + A New Video Uploaded!

Posted by Phonedude2 - December 12th, 2017

Alright, I have two songs that I can't upload yet because of Newgrounds' "Flooding Prevention" thing. The two songs are different, especially the second one. The first one is another Commodores Song, but it's not going to be in The Commodores Series, since it's not really a song I just made for that series, I just made it for fun. The second song on the other hand is different, it uses a completely different virtrual instrument, I like to call it, the "Special Song", because I don't want to reveal its name just yet. Which again you'll have to wait until tommorrow. Oh and also, just an hour ago, I uploaded "The Commodore Series + A Bonus Commodores Song!" Which the bonus Commodores song is something that again, you'll have to wait tommorrow. I'm going to upload them on YouTube though. I'm going to upload the Commdores songs separately, i'm probably going to include the "Bonus Song". So you don't have to worry about just listening to all of them in just one video. I'm going to add timelines to "The Commodore Series" video since I know a lot of people are going to ask "WHERE ARE THE TIMELINES?!" and then someone will do that and I won't be the first one and I don't want someone to do the job. Again, I'm going to upload the songs separately and probably the "Bonus Song" and the "Special Song" too, and they'll probably be Private, Scheduled, or even Public early. Off-Topic here, I actually like the "Schedule" feature whenever you upload a video. It's actually a pretty cool feature. It's really useful too, so if you wanted to upload two videos separately (like one today and one tomorrow). You could just use the Schedule feature and It'll upload the second video tomorrow as Scheduled. Oh and also, I have a YouTube, and a Twitch, so you can either Subscribe or Follow me, you don't have to if you don't want to (I'm not pushing you, you can do it whatever time you want to Subscribe or Follow). I don't really care about how many views, likes, or subscribers I get. As long as people are enjoying my content. I am 100% fine with it. Oh and also, I know I said this before, but my new name is normakes. That's my In-Game name on GD, and for whatever website I am in. I'm not going to change my name back to Phonedude2 since that sounds like a cringy name. I like normakes more since it feels better than naming myself Phonedude2. Alright, I'll stop talking and start uploading the videos, It's 2 hours before school opens so I might as well go.

Anyways that's all I have to say, bye!