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Why I haven't been in Newgrounds a lot + More!

Posted by Phonedude2 - October 20th, 2017

Alright, so basically. I am back! I just haven't really made a lot of songs because of one thing, school and GD taking most of my time. Oh and also, my #1 goal is to make Newgrounds a better place for music, and for GD! I really haven't really made a song with a beat in it yet, and I'll tell you why. I mainly use Mixcraft, which is a thing where you can make music, right? Well, that's because I actually am probably not going to use FL Studio anytime soon. I also have a laptop. So I can make more music! Oh wait, was I suppose to talk about the beat thing, oh yeah! I don't have a beat because I could make one in Mixcraft, but that would take too much time since I have to repeat the same beat at the same time over and over and over and over! So that's why. I also have a YouTube, (I don't only upload GD content) which I hope you can enjoy my YouTube and my music. Alright, let's talk about the future of my music, as you know (if you have read this whole thing). I am probably not going to use FL Studio anytime soon, I really don't like it, even though I could just find a tutorial on how to do it, but I don't feel like it, unlike some programs like Visual Studio. (I mainly code in Visual Basic, since it's easy to do). I also have been trying my hardest at school. So that really took up some time and i'm really sorry about that! I really just need to get my grades good so I can finally do some stuff. I also am no longer going to make any song in Famotracker, unless I need to use it for some songs. Again, my #1 goal is to make Newgrounds a better place for music, so GD players don't get bored all the time! Oh and also, I have a GD account. It's normakes. (I can't change my name in Newgrounds sadly, so I guess i'm going to be stuck with my old name until I become a supporter) Oh, and by the way, I like to call 2.2 the "Creators Update" of Geometry Dash. Also, about The Commdores Series. I am going to still add more to the series. I just haven't thought of anything yet. Alright, that's all I have to say. Goodbye!